I’ve helped create or improve software in a wide variety of client and development environments. Typically, I conduct an initial session to define the need and begin creating a framework for addressing it. If you have a team, I can conduct brainstorming sessions with them - supplementing, mentoring, and/or collaborating. If you need skills that I don’t possess, such as graphic design, I can introduce you to professionals I’ve worked with in the past who deliver a great product at a fair price.

I typically perform services in the following areas:

Software Specifications

You have a blockbuster idea for a web or desktop application, but need a practical framework describing how the software should work. I can help your team flesh out ideas and resolve issues through an iterative process of focusing on the user experience. In doing so, I’ll work with you to understand your vision, your organization and your customers. I typically gather user requirements, develop the project concept, and produce a simple prototype so that all stakeholders can see the intended design. Then we can craft a clear and precise RFP so that vendors can bid intelligently, or create specs for use by your development team.

Requirements Gathering

Through focus groups or interviews with potential users, actual users and other stakeholders, I can explore whether an application or an idea does a good job solving the problems it is meant to address. If there are gaps, I can find and isolate them, then make suggestions for enhancements.

User Interface Design

My goal in user interface design is to reduce training needs and increase efficiency. I work with your development team, graphic designers and content specialists to create a user interface that is elegant and effective. I can perform usability testing and suggest design fixes for web sites or client software. I also have experience creating designs that support eGovernment, citizen-centric and government-to-business initiatives.

Usability Testing

Whether for completed software products or early-stage rough sketches, I am often called upon to devise tests that uncover stumbling blocks and barriers to use. After administering the tests to actual or potential users, I can determine how easy the software is to learn and use, identify accessibility problems, and pinpoint areas where errors are likely or training can be reduced. I can then recommend the design changes needed to improve the overall quality of the user experience.

Independent Evaluation

What are the three most important improvements that you can make in your software? A usability audit will tell you that and give you recommended solutions. I apply guidelines and years of experience to give you a quick and cost-effective route to quality assurance and control.

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